From our homes to your ears

The Views from the Sofa Podcast Network started a single movie-related podcast owned by Podcast Host and Network Owner Ben White.

From one podcast the network has grown into podcasts which give hosts a chance to do something creative with their interests.

Each podcast is linked by the Network but have their own distinct voice, style and format. From the competition and sport based Wrestling Predict-Cast and From the Canvas Podcast to entertainment and film based That Movie List Podcast, there is something for everyone.

So choose a podcast, relax and let The Views from the Sofa Network inspire you – From our Homes to your ears.

That Movie List Podcast delivers exactly what the title says – Movie Related Lists.

Each episode, the hosts (Ben and Dave) countdown a movie themed list, discussing anything from Best Movie Deaths to The Best Movies to watch after Christmas Dinner.

They also throw in a quiz and a spotlight on an extra in a very clever titled feature called “Whats my Name Again?”
The From the Canvas Podcast brings boxing analysis from a fan perspective.

Joe and Dave delve into the biggest fights and examine the bouts, results and potential of boxing’s biggest events.

They also take a retrospective look at the biggest boxer’s careers, starting with a fight by fight retrospective of Anthony Joshua’s boxing achievements so far.
The Team Sheet is the perfect podcast for Football fans of any team and any age.

Each episode, Joe is joined by select co-hosts to put together the perfect Football 11 based on specific criteria.

This could be England’s Best 11, The Premier League’s Worst 11 or the Best 11 Footballers with names linked to food.

The Wrestling Predict-Cast is the first interactive Wrestling Podcast.

Every episode The Predict-Cast Team discuss, debate and dissect the upcoming WWE PPVs and most importantly, predict the outcomes in an ongoing, ultra competitive Prediction League.

They also offer you, the wrestling fan and loyal listener, a chance to get involved too and win official WWE Merch every PPV, by entering your own predictions and going up against the Team.